"Devo" & Jennifer Daly
Cody X Abby
"Harry" & Deb Goldberg
Cody X Abby
"Zoe" & Deb Goldberg
Cody X Abby
"Chinook" & Marc Besman
Cody X Abby
"Danny" & Deb Goldberg
Cody X Sophia
"Miles" & Kelly Hart
Manolo X Whitney
The Versatile Whippet
Not only do our whippets excel in the show ring, but many excel in the events as well.  Here are a few of them.
"Beezie" & Kelly Hart
Miles X Sydney
"Charley" & Lindell Chambers
Manolo X Whitney
"Chazzy" & Deb Goldberg
Manolo X Whitney
"Indy" & Lindsey Chambers
Oscar X Grace
"Charley" with Lindell & Candee Chambers
Manolo X Whitney
"Eve" with Candee & Lindell Chambers
Amigo X Violet
& Rhonda Rhines
Manolo X Kaya
Kelly Hart Photography
"Fiddler" & Marc Besman
Manolo X Violet
"Jax" & Linda Redmann
Jackson X Grace
"Gimli" & Rusty & Tessie Clark
Jackson X Whimsy