Welcome to the wonderful 
world of Whippets!!

It's been nearly 30 years since we added the first whippet to our lives.  Little did we know how much that first little "Buddy" would impact our future and the future of others. 

We've been blessed with much success in the show ring and count it a privilege to have shared our lives with so many incredible dogs.       

We have made so many friends.
We have watched people succeed at things they had never dreamed of doing.
We have seen people experience the same love and devotion that this 
wonderful breed has brought to us.

Though the dogs are something we do "just for fun", we never imagined the joy this wonderful breed would bring to us and so many others.  

A heartfelt thanks to Lori & Carey Lawrence for the impact Starline has had in our program.  And to Lori Wilson-Paust for the way you handle like no other.

  We hope you enjoy visiting our home 
on the web.  
photo by Cathi Winkles
photo by Cathi Winkles
Talented Brooke (age 14) made this portrait of their Minnie for her mom for Mother's day.